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30 Nov 2017 - good quality tile

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Helping our customers drive sales growth is our priority and our specialty. Our team of dedicated professionals work with you to create high-impact campaigns that fit your business goals by providing stellar service and creative solutions.

Call us now and our team of publishing sales professionals will work to exceed your expectations.
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Name       : Tony Liu
Position   : General Manager
Phone      : +86-13823323122

Email       : tony@nanway.com.cn

Summary: Trust in our consistent favorable prices, reliable quality and quick delivery
Standardized ISO 14001 system | Professional factories | Offering all kinds of full body porcelain tile/rustic tile/porcelain wooden tile.

Established in 2003, factory in Fujian is one of the supplier of tiles, These items are mainly marketed in Europe and the US,India.,etc. 

Name       :  Brian Liu

Position   :  Business Development Manager
Phone      : +86-13760214122
Email       : brian@nanway.com.cn

Summary: Interested in Ceramics Industry, 7 years sales experience in tableware and handicraft ceramic products, now engaged in porcelain tiles. Serious and responsible, communicative and strong at team work. Motivated and diligent.

In his spare time, he enjoys throwing elaborate dinner parties, year-round community gardening, art/culture, traveling, hiking, beaching and time with family and friends.

Name       :  Jessica Huang

Position   :  Account Executive
Phone      :  +86-1867678414
Email       : jessica@nanway.com.cn

Summary :  5 years working experiences with comprehensive end-to-end knowledge from Marketing Planning and Execution, Business Analysis, Product Management, Demand Planning and Supply Chain across different industries including banking service, building material, sports industry and international trading. Also interested in to contribute in non-profit charity organizations.

- Project Management 
- Product Management
- Marketing Communication & Execution
- Business Analysis

Name       :  Sunny Tan

Position   : Account Executive
Phone      :  +86-13602563334
Email       :sunny@nanway.com.cn

Summary:  My Chinese names is Tanyang, English name is Sunny, born in Hunan Province. I was graduated from Jishou University. My major is Business English. And I got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 2015. 
I spent most of time on study, I have passed CET4. and I have acquired basic knowledge of my major during my school time.
I've always wanted to work in the foreign industry because I have a passion for it and I think it has a lot of potential. That's why I focused on learning Business English in university.


Name       : Lili Dong

Position   :Account Executive

Phone      : +86-13760298917

Email       : lili@nanway.com

Summary: English name is Lili. I come from Ganzhou, Jiangxi, a very beautiful aicent city. My personal professional is applied english in college, so my current work is foreign trade saleswomen. I have more than 1 year work experience, i ever done business-to-customers for ebay, but my interest has prompted me to choose Business-to-business this way, because I have a good interest in English and customer communication, i still want to stick to the end of the road. I believe that the process of developing a customer is hard, but when that process penetrates into life, we'll feel lots of fun. I always believe that the foreign trade business-to-business must adhere to the end, have their own perseverance, have the courage to overcome all difficulties then can get the success, and I know that the foreign trade business-to-business is relyed on a kind of endurance, perseverance and time accumulation, as well as the product of selection is also very important.

Any question welcome to contact us any time.

Thanks for the arrival of the professional team, and also welcome the presence of friends from afar

Our official web :ceramictilefactory.com

Thank you.

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