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13 Dec 2017 - export tile

Premium Ceramic Tile, NANWAY Build

Enterprise mission         :   let our products bring beauty to consumers

Vision                             :   to be a first-class brand in ceramics, to be a trustworthy brand
Company values             :   to do real products, to do real things, to be honest
Production philosophy           :  we not only do ceramic, but also create an art
Market concept              :   the customer's demand is our desire, the customer's interest is our value
Team philosophy           :   unity, responsibility, courage and love
The concept of talents  :   "people-oriented," "attract people with the company brand, create opportunities to cultivate people, motivate the good people with            incentive mechanism, and keep people with career development"

showroom tile (1)showroom tile (3)floor tile

Our tiles factory

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Thanks for the arrival of the professional team, and also welcome the presence of friends from afar

Our official web :ceramictilefactory.com

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