Exterior wall tiles and polished glazed tiles for my Thailand Customer

    My first customer from Thailand.Mr.Phairat asked for 6 designs including 30*60 cm inkjet exterior wall tiles and 60*60 cm glazed polished floor tiles.All for own using. Generally our MOQ is one design per container. Fortunately, all designs Mr.Phairat wanted we had stock.Sometimes we keep stock for customers who ask for small quantity for LCL or for promotion to stimulate consumption. Cause all designs we had stock, shipping can be arranged once received payment via TT.Special certificate Form-E was done within 3 days as from China to Thailand only takes few days. 

Polished glazed floor tiles:

 60*60 cm polished glazed tiles polised glazed floor tiles

Inkjet exterior wall tile:

30*60 cm inkjet exterior wall tiles 30*60 cm inkjet exterior wall tilesinkjet exterior wall tiles inkjet exterior wall tiles

    For polished glazed floor tiles, we always have big quantity stock, so small quantity/LCL is acceptable.And every month we have some designs on promotion with good price. Inkjet tiles, we have one production line for it, so production can be finished very quickly,also new desings will be bring out in short times.Any interest please contact us.

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