Inkjet Wall Tiles For My Pakistan Customer

    Mr.Zain is from Lahore in Pakistan.He is big local construction material dealer.We began to contacte in May 2016 about 25*40 cm inkjet wall tiles and 60*60 cm pulati polished tiles.After talking about designs, loading and shipping details. First order of inkjet wall tiels was confirmed.

BL copy of inkjet wall tiles25*40 cm inkjet wall tiles inkjet wall tiles

Follow-up orders from My Pakistan customer of pilate tiles and super black tiles:

yellow color pilate tiles maroon color pilate tilesbrown color pilate tiles FC6002 super black tiles

BL copy of pilate tiles

        We began to cooperate from 2015, till now, we both have good experience. We always looking for long term business with our customers. By offering good quality and super service, we got great feedback with our customers.

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