Qatar Brings A Huge Market To China Ceramics-My Customer From Qatar

    The GDP per capital ranks No.1 with about $100,000. At the same time, Qatar is also growing up gradually as the world biggest building materials market as its market scale is worth $280.2 billion. However, this country never has its own ceramics production and it all depends on import.

    The first boom of growth actually could be traced back to the year 0f 2006, when the 15th Asian Games was held in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Now, as Qatar has won the host of World Athletics Championships in 2019 and the World Cup in 2022, its domestic infrastructure market has showed a trend of dramatic increase. So, for China ceramics industry, with the advantages of powerful production volume and production capacity, this market is definitely a great opportunity in expanding the export sales.

    Mr.Yousef is from Qatar.We began to do business in 2015. He ordered 30*60 cm water proofing inkjet wall tiles from us, including two desings of decor tiles.Below is the designs we made for Mr.Yousef.

3D inkjet wall tiles water proofing inkjet wall tilesInkjet decor tiles Inkjet decor tiles water proofing

Loading photos:

Loading picture of inkjet wall tiles Loading picture of inkjet wall tilesLoading picture of inkjet wall tiles Loading picture of inkjet wall tiles

More designs:

30*60 cm inkjet wall tiles 30*60 cm inkjet wall tiles30*60 cm inkjet wall tiles 30*60 cm inkjet wall tiles

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