The Case Of Cooperation With One Big Customer From Yemen

Professional and Patient,Way to Success in Cooperation

    A Trading Company  is an experienced company specially in tiles and Sanitary products established in Yemen for years.
   B/L of skirting tiles  

    As most suppliers in China just know the porcelain skirting tiles ,Our factory own the advantage of producing both porcelain and ceramic material of this item. We acted at the first time while knowing that customer was looking for one kind of red body ceramic tile with special size 50*90 mm and provided them some professional suggestions ,such as package, colors choice and way to reduce shipping cost...

 Picture of skirting tilesEngineeting picture of skirting tiles

    No matter what problems our customers encounter,they can contact us any time and our sellers offer their solutions patiently and speedy.Our company believes that Customers are the first. What we do is to meet the needs of customers and provide best products with excellent service.

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