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  • factory1

    24 Nov 2017 - factory

    Therefore, we could produce all kinds of different sizes ceramic tiles as the clients requested. Factory area are 340000 squares meters .Our annual output reaches to 150 millions square meters.we have 8 long distance automatic kilns,around 1500 worke

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  • factory3

    24 Nov 2017 - factory

    Nanway has brought in the world advanced Italy technology in roller kiln production line, rotocolor roller printing machine and high pressing machine, as well as the advanced art design technology and adequate raw and auxiliary materials.

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  • factory2

    20 Jul 2016 - factory

    Nanway Ceramic Tile Co.,Ltd is ceramic manufacturer.We possessed a porcelain tiles factory of the capability of annual over 31 million SQM and wall ceramic factory with capability of annual 2 million SQM.We have 10 years experience of tiles manufactu

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