Introduction of exterior wall tiles

    Exterior wall tiles are mainly used for outdoor walls decoration and protection.It can not only decorate the buildings but also protect walls cause of Alkali resistance and stable physical characteristics. Colors are various.Many people also use it to decorate interior walls. Main sizes are 25*25mm,23*48mm,45*45mm,45*95mm,45*145mm,95*95mm,100*100mm,45*195mm,100*200mm,50*200mm,60*240mm,200*400mm and 300*600mm.Basically both stock selling and customization are available.

Inkjet exterior wall tilesInkjet exterior wall tiles from China

1. According to the materials
   1) Glazed exterior wall tiles 
   2) Full body exterior tiles
2. According to formed ways
   1) Pressing forming: Terracotta facade, split tiles
   2) Dry pressing forming: small sizes exterior wall tiles
3. According to surfaces
   1) Glossy surface
   2) Matte surface
   3) Sand surface
4. According to surface treatment
   1) Flat surface
   2) Sand surface
   3) Strip surface
   4) Grooved surface
5. According to installation

   1) Dry-hanging terracotta walls

   2) Paving exterior walls

PM54412Dry hanging terracotta wall panels

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