Thick tiles and thin tiles, which one is better?

High quality floor tiles

As consumers without much decoration experiences, facing various tiles in market, we will definitely be in a dilemma. Except different functions of tiles, thickness always is a problem for us when making choice. Then thick tiles and thin tiles, which one is better?

Thick floor tiles

Advantages of thick tiles:

Thick tiles are with high hardness, corrosion-resistant, and cause of high-tem. Fired, thick tiles are with better resistance of failure than same thickness stones.

Disadvantages of thick tiles

More materials will be consumed when make thick tiles, and more energy will be needed when fired. It’s not that environmental protection as thin tiles.

Nanway thin floor tiles

With the development of tiles industry, with energy saving, environmental protection and low production cost, thin tiles will be getting more and more popular. Thin thickness is good for tiles fired characteristics, while saving energy and resources, can also meet customers’ requirements. But resistance of failure and wear- resistance of thin tiles still need to be improved.

Advantages of thin tiles

Environmental protection and energy saving are the megatrend. Thin tiles need less material and also with good hardness and wear-resistance. And transportation cost is also lower. According to statistics, 4307 SQM more thin tiles can be loaded in one truck than tradition thick tiles. With less weight, loads to walls and floors also will be less.

Disadvantages of thin tiles

Cause of thin thickness, some arts and crafts can’t be made on tiles surfaces, that leads thin tiles with less designs effects.

good quality floor tiles

Practicability should be considered when making choices


Durability is the most important part when buying tiles, can use hard objects such as keys to scratch on tiles surfaces. If no scratches means that tiles are with good hardness.

Water Absorption

Good quality tiles with lower W/A. To pour on cup of water on the back of tiles, if water can be absorbed quickly, that means it’s with high W/A.

Notice From Nanway:

No matter thick tiles or thin tiles, all with characteristic which will meet various of requirements, As consumers should not only focus on thickness, practicability, durability, environment protection etc. should be also considered. These are the root principles.

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