Things You Need To Know When Buying Tiles

23 Jan 2018 - tile,tiles,porcelain tile

Things you need to know when buying tiles

Making decision is not that easy especially when you don't have good knowledge about tiles. Here are some tips to help you making better choice when buying it

Step1: To know classifications of tiles

Mainly there are 4 kinds of tiles, they are glazed tiles,full body tiles ,polished tiles and vitrified tiles

1. Glazed tiles

      With glazed surface, its surface is very smooth. With cheap price and it's easy to be cleaned. But it's low-end tile, mostly are used in bathrooms and kitchen.

Glazed tiles for kitchen and bathroom

                                                                                          Effect picture of Glazed tiles

2. Full body tiles

Full body tiles are with good anti slip and wear resistant characteristics, generally we call it “non slip floor tiles”. It is made into different rustic patterns so we also call it rustic tiles. It is widely used in places which full of water such as bathrooms and kitchen floors.

Full body floor tiles

                                                                                  Effect picture of full body tiles

3. Polished tiles

Polished tiles are with almost same decoration effects as natural stones, prices are  acceptable also. And it is with thin thickness and light weight. But not that anti fouling as other tiles.  

polished porcelain floor tiles soluble series                  

4. Ceramic slab

Slabs are environment protection products. Cause of thin thickness, it uses less material and energy-saving. It can be made with 3 mm thickness, in market, most are 5 mm thick. It’s thin but its hardness and wear resistance as good as other tiles.

ceramic slab tiles

Photo of thin ceramic slab

5. Background wall decoration tiles

Tiles for decorating background walls will be more and more popular. It’s mainly used at dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms walls. Patterns and sizes can be customized.

3D wall tiles for home decoration

Step2: To choose by functions carefully

When buying tiles, to judge according to some Tech. standard. Wear resistance is the most important one. So easy methods like using keys to scratch, pouring water etc. we have talked in detail in our last article. Years ago, we decide tiles are good or not by its thickness, but nowadays, thickness is not that important, like 3mm-5mm slabs we talked above, thin but also with good quality. 

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