What's the differeces of different kinds of tiles

According to the crafts and characteristics, broad classification of tiles are glazed tiles, full body tiles, polished tiles, vetrified tiles and mosaic tiles. To learn more of these tiles can make you easy understand which kind of tiles are suitable for you. Below are some details of these tiles.

·Full body tiles:

Full bosy tiles are with unglazed surface, material and colors of front and back are the same. With wear-resistant characteristic but designs are not as abundant as glazed tiles. It can be classified into anti-slip tiles, polished tiles and soluble salt tiles. It’s widely used in dining rooms, aisles and outdoor walkways but rarely used on walls.

Full body tiles Full Body Tiles

·Glazed tiles:

With glazed surface, its colors and designs are more abundant then polished tiles and also more anti-fouling. But cause of glazed material, it’s not as wear-resistant as polished tiles. Based on materials, it can be classified into ceramic glazed tiles and porcelain glazed tiles. And based on shine, it can be divided into matt and glossy surfaces. For kitchens, should choose glossy glazed tiles which can prevent dirty oil penetration. Glazed tiles can be also used for bathrooms and balconies.

glazed rustic tiles glazed rustic tiles

·Polished tiles:

These is tiles are polished from full body tiles. Comparing to crude surfaces of full body tiles, its surface is much smoother. These kinds of tiles are with high hardness and good wear resistant. By using porous technology, polished tiles can be made into various of stone like, wooden like surfaces which can be classified into soluble salt polished tiles, micro crystal polished tiles, poly crystalline powder polished tiles etc. It can be used for bathrooms, kitchens, big shopping malls and most of indoor/outdoor spaces.   

Super black polisehd tile

·Vetrified tiles:

Vetrified tiles are made from quarts sand and clay. It’s burnished not polished. It’s the hardest tiles and with lower W/A than glazed tiles, polished tiles and some marbles. The defects of it is, after burnishing, there are holes on its surface, then dust and dirty oil can easily penetrate in. It can be used in dining rooms, bedrooms and aisles etc.

Vetrified tiles

·Mosaic tiles:

This is a special kind of tiles. With small size pieces make into bigger sizes. It’s with acid resistant, alkali, wear resistant, water proofing and anti bacterial characteristics. It can be classified into ceramic mosaic, marble mosaic and glass mosaic. With small sizes and abundant color, it’s widely used in indoor and outdoor floors and walls etc small spaces.

mosaic tiles

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