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  • How to choose bathroom floor tiles?

    17 Aug 2018 - News Center

    bathroom tiles, cement tiles, colored tiles, floor tile

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  • cement tiles, floor tiles, marble tiles, polished tiles,tiles price, wood tiles

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  • Introduction of Ceramic Mosaic

    15 Aug 2018 - News Center

    We often see ceramic mosaic in the swimming pool, or in the shower, the ceramic mosaic is the tile on the floor or wall that is divided into many small pieces of tile. Ceramic mosaic is one of the most traditional mosaic, is known for its exquisite,

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  • The secret of tiles

    15 Aug 2018 - News Center

    Tags: bath tiles, cement tiles, ceramic, choose tiles, floor tiles, marble tiles design, wall tiles, wood marble tiles, wood tiles

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  • Marble tile

    15 Aug 2018 - News Center

    Marble tile refers to a kind of ceramic tile product with natural marble's lifelike texture, color and texture. It has the natural marble realistic decorative effect

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  • What's the advantage of tiles with gaps?

    14 Aug 2018 - News Center

    When decorating a house, there will be a gap between each tile design, and then fill the gap with sealant.

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  • You'll pay more for porcelain than standard tiles, but the results are worth it. Porcelain tiles are a type of dense, robust ceramic. Fired at a higher temperature than ceramic tiles, they are less porous, lighter and thinner. Thinking of buying por

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  • Feature of tile flooring

    31 Mar 2018 - News Center

    Tile flooring is a good choice for porches, family rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. People prefer tile flooring during the summer because it holds in cold air from the air conditioner. Ceramic and porcelain are used for flooring because

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  • Decoration effect of Marble tile

    28 Mar 2018 - News Center

    Today, ceramic tiles have become a "rigid demand" for home life. It completely changes people's quality of life and plays the role of "beautician" in modern life. The marble tiles with the “realistic effect of marble and the superior performance of

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  • Features of square tile

    21 Mar 2018 - News Center

    1. Square tiles originate from the industry's stringent material selection criteria and unique high-temperature slow-burning technology, requiring a water absorption rate of <5%. The proportion of the raw material in the raw material formula acco

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