Brief introduction of square brick


The main specifications of the square tiles are 100*100mm, 108*108mm, 150*150mm, 190*190mm, 100*200mm, 200*200mm, 150*300mm, 150*315mm, 300*300mm, 315*315mm, 315*525mm, etc. . The main colors are white, white with black dots, pink, fruit green, spots green, yellow, spots yellow, gray, light spots gray, dark spots gray, light blue, dark blue, purple sand, purple sand brown, purple sand black, black , reddish brown and so on. The square tiles are generally divided into three main categories: ordinary square tiles suitable for the ground, roof bricks suitable for roofs, and supermarket bricks suitable for indoor use. Ordinary square tiles are also equipped with blind bricks and stop bricks, generally yellow, gray and black.


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