Characteristics and quality of full body porcelain tile

Characteristics and quality of full body porcelain tile


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For full body porcelain tile, which is the rock debris through high-pressure repression, after surface polishing, the hardness can be compared with stone, water absorption rate is lower, good wear resistance. The surface of full body porcelain tile is not glazed, and the front and the back of the material and color make consistent, hence get the name.

Although there are still infiltration of flowers and other varieties of brick, but relatively speaking, its color is not comparable to glazed tile. Most of the non-slip bricks belong to full body porcelain tile.


Full body porcelain tile has good non-slip resistance and wear resistance. Generally speaking, most of full body porcelain tile is called as  "Non-slip floor tile", or non-slip floor tile is nearly the full body porcelain tile. The price is moderate, so popular with consumers. Also the "infiltration of the flower brick" include beautiful pattern, but also to fondle admiringly. Common brick surface roughness, more pores, construction or use of dirt in the works of dirt, such as easy infiltration of bricks, pollutants once infiltration is difficult to clear.

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