How to choose bathroom floor tiles?

The floor tiles of bathroom is bathed in water almost every day, humidity is very heavy, so when do household decoration, what kind of floor tile design should bathroom use is better? Choose bathroom tiles with low water absorption. High quality tiles deign, low water absorption, so that it can quickly dry. If the marble tiles does not indicate water absorption, you can use water droplets on the back of the tiles price, a few minutes later to observe the diffusion of water droplets, the less water absorption, that is, low water absorption, better quality. The water absorption of wood floor tiles in bathroom is around 1%.


Choose high density tiles. When purchasing bathroom tiles, you can observe from the side whether the tile surface is flat, whether there is uneven thickness of pinholes. Bathroom tiles can be tapped to listen to whether the sound is crisp, the more crisp the sound, indicating that the tiles of high density of texture, better hardness. Such tiles are laid in the bathroom, which are not easy to damage, but also easy to maintain and clean.


Choose dry and wet decoration. That is to say, the separation between shower area and sitting toilet and basin area. Through the different bathroom tiles material and color varieties, to achieve a good division, so that the two do not interfere with each other. Choose light colored tiles. Light colors make the bathroom look more spacious and bright. When choosing, place tiles on the same color and pattern from outside 0.8m. Bathroom tiles choose to pay attention to whether it is marked in line with the state promulgated green health standards and other signs or text, remember not to buy three marble porcelain tiles products.


Choose smaller tiles. The decoration materials for the wall and floor of the toilet are glazed tiles, polishing tiles and mosaic. The specifications for floor tiles are 300*300mm and 330*330mm. Bathroom usually 2 to 4 flat, even if the bathroom area is large, do not use large specifications of floor tiles. Solid floor tiles cutting frequency is too high, waste is greater, inconvenient floor leakage, inconvenient ground leveling, resulting in waste.


Choose glazed tiles with thicker layers. The surface of the tiles can be scratched with hard objects. If there is scratch, it means that the glaze is not enough. When the thin glaze on the tile surface is polished, the wood tiles surface is easy to hide dirt, difficult to clean up, and lack of security. And some unglazed flooring tiles, generally not suitable for laying in a humid and airtight environment, solid cement tiles on the stomatal water vapor and can not diverge, will also lead to the emergence of mold.

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