How to enter the Middle East tile market smooth?

Saudi Arabia has changed the new King ,how to enter the Middle East tile market smooth?

polished tile

King of Saudi Arabia, Fahad wealth reached 25 billion euros
In 2016, the new Crown Prince Mohamed Bensa Lehman presented the ambitious "Vision 2030" Economic Reform, which is more attractive in the vision of tourism development, which means there will be a great deal of construction to be done . In addition, 2020 World Expo in Dubai and 2022 Qatar World Cup, will also be substantial.

In order to get rid of the control of oil prices, Saudi Arabia and other regions are devoted themselves to tourism development. In the process of realizing the vision of tourism, the import volume of construction ceramics is bound to increase.

This is a good news

Recently, Foshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau actively communicated with the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR), both parties signed a cooperation agreement on export inspection and certification of Saudi Arabia. Foshan enterprises no longer need to go abroad to apply for the export of the required certificate of conformity to Saudi Arabia, Foshan, Inspection and Quarantine can do that.

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