A brief introduction for interior wall tiles

A brief introduction for interior wall tiles

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Interior wall Tile is a kind of tile, mainly used for interior wall decoration. The inner wall brick is composed of three parts, the billet body, the bottom glaze layer and the glazed layer. The water absorption rate of the billet bottom is generally about 10%-18%, the glaze of the bottom glaze is---60 grams, and the surface glaze is----160 grams. In general, the higher the sintering temperature, the greater the number of surface glaze grams, the better the brightness of the tile, the more smooth glaze for the interior wall tiles. Of course, the quality of glaze also has a great impact on it.

bathroom wall tile (1) - 副本According to the specifications, the interior wall tiles from the 90 's is 108 mm X108 mm, to 158 mm multiplied by 158 mm, the size is getting larger. The habit is measured in millimeters, but in terms of the salutation, for example, 2533 is actually 250 mm X330 mm, so the analogy is 2030,2533,2540,3045,3060,3090. By 2008, the main market model was 3045.

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Anotherpoint is the flatness regarding to the impact on the interior tile, which affects the overall effect of the decoration. Good wall tiles should be flat, four corners and the middle of the brick surface is horizontal. Two diagonal lines should be equal in length and on the same plane.

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