A brief introduction for exterior wall tiles

11 Jan 2018 - wall tile,brick

A brief introduction for exterior wall tiles

The exterior wall tiles are mainly used for the decoration and protection of the exterior wall of the building. Color specifications are rich, the main specifications are 25*25mm, 23*48mm, 45*45mm, 45*95mm, 45*145mm, 95*95mm, 100*100mm, 45*195mm, 100* 200mm, 50*200mm, 60*240mm, 200*400mm, 300x600mm, 400x400mm, 600x600mm, 300x100mm, etc. Exterior wall tiles can be sold in stock, can also be customized according to customer specifications and special requirements of color production.
 In order to meet the requirements of personalized and rich exterior wall decoration, the technology and technique of exterior wall decoration are facing high grade, High-grade development. Various decorative styles, rich decorative techniques, such as exterior wall tiles are decorated to pay more attention to the overall collocation (color collocation, specification collocation, multiple color mixed paste, etc.), so that the wall decoration is more outstanding; At the same time, the exterior wall tile also extends to the interior decoration, manifests the novel adornment style

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