Methods of cleaning ceramic tile

28 Nov 2017 - ceramic tile,tiles

Part 1:

Question: difficult to clean up the rust

Kitchen, bathroom water pipes use water, with passage of time, in the rear of the pipe, or often encounter water place, ceramic tile easily to appear yellow rust and scale  are difficult to clean. 


Solution: the use of vitamin C

We can use 2% oxalic acid solution  to remove rust on the tiles , then clean up with water. Also we can use 3 - 4 tablets of vitamin C tablets crushed into powder, sprinkle on the surface of the ceramic tile, using water to  scrub for a few times, also can remove the rust stains.


Coup: material installation is the key

Coup 1: use the tiles in the kitchen and other pollution serious place, anti oil effect is good, the visual effect is also very good.

Coup 2: paste oil pollution stickers in the pollution is heavy tiles, using seam an agent in gap tiles, painted tiles seams, beautiful and oil resistant.


Part4: be careful to prevent scratches

Stains can be removed  with various methods, but the damage or scratch on the surface of the ceramic tile is difficult to repair. So in daily use, we must pay attention to the tiles to avoid hard objects and sharp things.

Question: hard scratch damage

In order to remove  stains on the tiles, we will certainly use wire ball decontamination scratch glaze, or the use of strong acid detergent, but it is more ugly after cleaning tile.

Solution: small damage can be treated

Small damage, you can paste a white latex. If there is little damage to the edge or middle of the tile, you can drop a small portion of the paste with white latex.


Coup: cleaning time required

Coup 1: The most important to clean the ceramic tile is not to damage glazed, use bubble and soft bristle brush to scrub gently, instead of using wire ball and other sharp object destruction  to clean, and after cleaning please keep the tile dry, do not leave water stains, thus it can keep tiles long and insurance.

Coup 2: for the expensive tiles suggest 2-3 months should be playing regularly for polishing wax.

The above is to keep tiles bright, got it?

Cherish the tiles also like to take care of our own face as carefully



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