Soluble salt Polished Tile

Soluble salt Polished Tile


The production process is also very simple, that is in the body of a layer of soluble salt glaze, on the surface of about 5mm tile, after two times polishing, trimming, chamfering, and then do a decontamination treatment , it can be factory, actually we should pay attention to is that the last process----anti-fouling agent, some manufacturers of anti-fouling treatment is very good, the use of imported anti-fouling agent, But some manufacturers use is very cheap, even there is no anti-fouling, with wax to do treatment. Such products in the shop when there is no problem, after a long time, it is not very long or about half a year, you will find a lot of leaks thrown out of the place, or similar to the place of the ball printing, and then there is the infiltration, vegetable soup, tea and anything will seep into the tile inside, will be difficult to clean. So we can know good anti-fouling agent is very important for soluble salt polished tiles.

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