The advantages of splitting bricks

10 Jan 2018 - splitting tile

The advantages of splitting bricks

Splitting tile is a certain proportion of raw materials, crushed, sludge, vacuum extrusion molding, drying, high-temperature sintering of new building materials, widely applicable to all types of building exterior wall decoration, including stations, absolutely, restaurants, waiting rooms, squares, parking, parks, sidewalks and other areas.

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(1) The high-grade quality of splitting tile: including soft color, innocence, such as the villa, office buildings, residential, student apartments, antique, garden and so on, it is the high-grade decorative materials.

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(2) The durability of the product: Splitting tile can fire retardant, withstand wind and rain. Even if the ultraviolet rays from the beginning to the end will never fade, can go through hundred years.

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(3) Product safety is stronger: Splitting tile in the functional aspects and ceramic tiles are basically the same, but because the splitting tile’s extrusion forming the back of the formation of the dovetail groove to be greatly deep in the ceramic wall and floor tile pressure produced by the groove or indentation, and the dovetail groove and the external wall bonding is very strong, therefore, Its safety is unmatched by other decorative materials. Therefore the market application prospect of the splitting tile is favored by the big real estate business.

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