Tile maintenance of your home yet?

Tile maintenance of your home yet?
       Home, for each of us, far more than steel, a combination of cement, tiles, furniture, simple as that. We are here to eat, sleep, where laughter, sadness. Each item at home, are entrusted with our stories and memories are worth attentive care.
       However, I want to manage a home, not an easy task. Take us for granted tiles, how could it have been bright as new? The trick is indeed a lot, let's talk about the championship and your tiles.

       Tile maintenance has a knack, you know how much
       We all know that the car needs maintenance, leather needs maintenance, jewelry needs maintenance. That tiles also need maintenance, you know?
       As the saying goes, "one-third use, seven support." Tiles with our teeth, very strong, but also because of improper use, and vulnerable, need careful maintenance.
       First of all, when cleaning tiles, the most important thing is not to damage glazed. After paving tiles do good protection, check-in, can not have moving furniture and use drag phenomenon, otherwise it will cause scratches; can not be used when cleaning sharp steel balls and other destructive things clean.
       Secondly, the tile can be used daily cleaning detergent, soap and other cleaning; be sure to dry immediately after cleaning is completed, do not leave water stains.
       Again, for stubborn stains, use special cleaning agents for processing. For tea stains, fruit stains, coffee sauce, vinegar, leather printing and other stains, ink, mildew stain wax mold formation, cement, scale, water, rust, rust, etc. incurable diseases, will involve dilution of sodium hypochlorite, 10 % hydrochloric acid, acetone, three ethylene, bananas, water and so on professional cleaning agents, which need to operate under the guidance and supervision of professionals to avoid losses and accidents.
       Finally, for different tile materials and processes, require different cleaning methods. Such as: maintenance of the highest principle of whole body tiles, it is far from "dangerous" colored liquid. You can use the washing soda solution. Glazed dirt, use a toothbrush dipped in a little detergent paste can be used to get rid of. Then in the crevice with a hair brush a waterproofing agent can be, so impervious to water and can not only anti-fungal growth. Tiles should use special cleaning agents to brick maintenance. It can penetrate into the interior brick, blocking non-porous closed cells so that dirt can get into, and can increase the tile gloss degrees. Tiles, to regular waxing and maintenance, especially the price of your tiles might 2-3 months time waxing maintenance.

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