Upgrade decoration, building upgrades, innovative ideas out of the woods to lead the real estate agency

Upgrade decoration, building upgrades, innovative ideas out of the woods to lead the real estate agency

Since the introduction of the purchase of the property market, the property market showed a significant overall volume has been significantly decreasing trend, real estate agency how to deal with this "market weathered"? Is anything, is reluctantly price, or take the initiative? Part of the real estate agency-see attitude; it is part of the real estate agency can not resist this "winter", have cut prices, but after more than a few to pick up once Kuangxiang usher, more is due to buy a house before high suddenly fall and angry, have trouble congestion in the sales office owners. Many well-known event such as: Greentown, Lake real estate prices due to the recent frequent burst caused Check disputes, real estate agency is battered, the conventional direct markdowns this "magic bullet" is and stop looking.

    Expert analysis: "In fact, in the current property market downturn of the environment, has become a home-based consumers purchase the main force, but also a good time to break the plight of real estate agency to a certain extent." Secretary-General of the China Real Estate Association, Zhu, one of Road : "To be sure, the next period of time, a large number of rigid demand still exists." Thus, the current rigid demand to buy a house for self-occupation groups still huge, and has become a major consumer purchase. How best to attract the home-based group of consumers who choose to purchase their own housing, the main issue became a major real estate developers face today.
    Compared to the rough housing, the hardcover room for consumers to save a painstakingly renovation works, and to avoid the house owners to beat structural damage caused by environmental pollution and so on cells, so convenient, safe, environmental protection, high-quality fine decorated rooms are obviously more affected by home-based consumers. The face of such a major consumer groups, a good real estate agency can select the "preferential consumers" in a way that does not cut in the price of the house itself the premise of "decoration upgrade", "Building upgrade" clever way for self-occupation Type bring tangible benefits to consumers and quality, more real estate agency to establish a good reputation.
    Variable blank hardcover, buy a house to send decoration
    Currently, the group is mainly young rigid demand by the buyers to get married, want to improve the living conditions of the wards ethnic group composition, etc., they purchase and renovation of the demand is still very prominent. This group apparently Home Builders brought new ideas, that is, under the premise of maintaining prices did not fall were "decoration upgrade": buy rough housing decoration extra gift packages, blank hardcover change mode of operation.
    It should be noted that in recent years hardcover room decoration quality issues are a growing concern, at the International Builders decoration Special attention should be renovated quality, do not blindly because they are cheap, shoddy, if quality problems encountered due to building materials customer complaints, would have a negative impact on the reputation of the entire estate. Therefore sensible selection of high-quality real estate Chamber of primary materials suppliers, especially the most important building material surface tiles and flooring, select quality brands particularly critical, such as domestic first-line brand champion tile tile from Taiwan. It is reported that Taiwan has created the myth of the champions hardcover field tile house, occupied almost all of Taiwan luxury real estate for more than 80% of the hardcover housing market, both are second to none in terms of size or reputation. Such as: Taiwan ranked first real estate development company Farglory construction, development of all real estate almost all use refined decoration Tile championship. Experience Taiwan hardcover housing market earlier than on the mainland for nearly 20 years, the winner of brick tile history of 40 years of quality, not only after the consumer stringent test, has accumulated successful experience in Taiwan, hardcover, this groundbreaking record hardcover housing market for the mainland opened up a precedent, to become the country of choice for hardcover trust.
    Upgrade building materials, high-quality renovated house value increase
    In addition to buy a house decoration, building materials for hardcover room supporting a comprehensive upgrade, the choice of high-quality building materials, decoration upgrade the overall quality, but also value-added real estate agency to improve the house wise. For example, real estate agency in hardcover overall prices under the same premise, will upgrade the original 1,500 yuan per square meter renovation rating to 3000-4000 yuan per square meter, the original hardcover package decoration facilities rank from general, unknown upgraded to high-end, environmentally friendly, well-known. Use well-known brand, excellent quality and good reputation building materials than the choice of general building materials decoration will definitely provide more and better services to consumers, with the well-known building brand awareness and reputation will be more efficient to enhance the intrinsic value of the house, Furthermore the house create a good brand reputation, the future home sales competition is the best weapon.
    In the hardcover room trend, some of the best brands of building materials has also been a major real estate agency of all ages. For example, high-profile, B & Q, the lowest rate of customer complaints, the oldest brand, greener, reliable quality from one brand champion Taiwan tile tile, warm global expert - Nexans imports warm, IKEA whole cabinet and so on. Wise selection of high-end real estate agency supporting the building materials to enhance the value of the house, so the house sustained appreciation of this forward-looking initiative undoubtedly more attractive to the consumer group.

    In the future, the dilemma is both a challenge and a real estate agency to adjust policy to make it more favorable to adapt to market opportunities. With economic development, increase per capita income, consumer purchasing power is bound to enhance. If the response to changes in market demand, timely adjustment of marketing programs and strategies, will largely promote the property market to pick up, real estate agency in the face of adversity Win can still be successful.

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