What is the correct operation of floor tiles?

What is the correct operation of floor tiles?

1, when laying the floor tiles should be prepared to clean the ground construction, damaged ground or loose ground should be handled at the same time.

2, pop-up baseline, standard height, wall level.

3, floor tiles in the shop before the tile should check the color number and quality problems, such as the quality of the materials found should promptly notify the responsible person, the relevant person in charge properly resolved before construction.

4, the ground grass-roots should be rough and clean and moist, such as the surface should be pre-chiseling hair, watering cementing the ground before paving.

5, general floor tiles 32.5 ordinary cement. Sand ratio of 1: 2.5, in the process of paving should pay attention to color number, pattern consistent, no damage.

6, paving the floor of the cement mortar must be semi-dry semi-dry, can not clutched a hand on the water. With this kind of gray brick, after a few days, the moisture in the cement mortar volatilized, the mortar below the tile will fall, the brick will appear hollowing.

7, paving, you must use a rubber hammer to hit the brick, that is, so that the brick and mortar firm, mortar below the brick can also be closely integrated.

8, after the paving paste in the cement mortar is not cured before walking, walking, and put cardboard or carpeting on the board to protect the surface finish. With hook every agent hook every.

9, the original tiles, need to resurface, to the original shovel out, or hard to stick firmly.

10, paving tiles should pay attention to protection, do not let dirt penetrate the brick surface.



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