The advantages of Double loading polished tile

The advantages of Double loading polished tile

1. Superior physical and chemical properties: Poly Ceramic Tile selection of a large number of high-quality barren materials (such as Emery, Quartz, jade) and clay materials composite, so double loading polished tile has more superior physical and chemical properties.


2. Good anti-fouling performance: surface gloss and flatness of ordinary soluble salt polished tile is generally about 65 degrees, while double loading polished tiles can reach more than 85 degrees (super clean light technology in 90 degrees) and double loading polished tile surface pinhole less easily, anti-fouling effect better.


3, wear-resistant: micro-powder particle fineness, double loading polished tiles on the material particle fineness requirements higher, generally not less than 250 of the purpose of micro-powder to become qualified powder, the soluble salt polished tiles include lower requirements. Therefore, after the firing molding, double loading polished tile is much thicker and in the water absorption ratio is far less than the soluble salt polished tiles, wear-resistance more strong.


4, three-dimensional effect: brick effect, soluble salt polished tiles with a cloth combined with screen printing technology, each brick of the same lines, the display of the texture for the plane effect. Double loading polished tile is the largest characteristics of concentric, that is, a strong sense of permeability, to show the three-dimensional texture effect, more exquisite. As a result of the use of more than two random fabric, so the effect of each product is never the same.

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