The advantages of Pulates tiles

The advantages of Pulates tiles


1, Easy to clean

Pulates Tile contains a strong anti-fouling and easy-cleaning characteristics, so in the market is more popular with consumers, if the corner of the tile is not straight, then the completion of the laying will appear very ugly effect, so the evaluation of the corner straightness is particularly important. If do two tiles splicing, we can observe the gap between the tiles is a straight line, so the straight angle of the Pilates side is very reassuring.



The characteristic of Non-slip for pulates Series is very good. It’s polished on the surface, belong to a kind of full body porcelain tile. Compared to the whole full body porcelain tile, the surface should be much more clean. Hard and wearable, suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens. It is the highest wear resistance of tiles.
3, Water absorption
If we pour some water into the back of the pulate tile, then wait for some time to see, we’ll see the water has not been absorbed by the pulate tiles, it can prove that the pulates has low water absorption. The water absorption rate is only below 0.08%.

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