Characteristics of Marble Tiles

Good wear resistance:


Good wear resistance is marble tile’s obvious feature , calcium carbonate is its main component, after the reaction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, wear-resistant performance greatly improved. The surface also has a layer of glaze protection, Morse hardness reached 4-5, and support for more long-term use, reduce the appearance of wear phenomenon.

porcelain floor tile 2 



Not easy to break down:


The flexural strength of marble tile is increased several times than other ceramic tile products, also, its own process requirements is more high, and performance is more stable, marble tile has become good choice for decoration. After the use of verification, marble tile’s folding is very good, so that it can play a better life in the effect, but also a good choice for energy saving.

porcelain floor tile (8) porcelain floor tile (5)



Good anti-fouling:


Marble Tile passed professional treatment, its surface is meticulous, after the mechanical high-pressure forming, which is shown high density, small water absorption rate, not easy to absorb water’s characteristic, cleanliness also greatly improved. Then it has a very high anti-fouling, in the daily use of the time, even if the surface of the ceramic tile is covered sewage and dirty things, but also can be wiped away with a rag, for life it has more convenience.

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