Characteristics of ceramic European-style chain tiles

1, the common waterproof layout of the European-style tile bottom of the tiled floor layout, which can make the rain flow more smoothly and more agile, because the European-style chain tile has a head high out of the local, with the effect of retaining water, even on the level of roofing, will not present the surface of the rain. Common two-layer waterproof layout, so that ceramic color tile in the strong wind and rainstorm area, or 10 ℃ below the slope surface use, there is no worries.

chain tile series(26)2, outstanding thermal insulation effect due to the tile cylinder leak-proof system is perfect, tile at the bottom of the two cement slurry coating, tile barrel without cement, into the hanging has outstanding insulation effect.

chain tile series(27)3, convenient construction of European-style chain tile construction of the convenience is another feature, whether vertical laying or lateral construction is easy to be feasible. In the ordinary slope roofing, you can not have to hang the tile, this is the European-style chain tile’s ability to do. In order to be accustomed to different construction needs, it is also convenient to use the cutting machine in any point of view with wet method to cut tiles. Characteristics of European-style chain tile features: High strength, antifreeze and thaw resistance, strong durability. Ecological: Sound insulation, cooling, waterproof, light weight, self-cleaning nature. Decorative: Natural color, wanton color, rich texture, never fade, can be spelled strong. Economy: Laying brief, saving work, inductive cost is low. Applicability: Medium and High Level Garden District, courtyard, can make old "cap" change new.

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