Clay Foof Tile

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There are many types of roofing tile, the main classification method is based on its raw materials to classify, there are clay tile, color concrete tile, asbestos water mixed Pova, glass fiber Magnesia Pova, glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) Pova, glass tile, color PVC tile, fiberglass reinforced polyester lighting products, polycarbonate lighting products, color aluminum alloy pressing products, Color coated steel pressure products, color steel asphalt linoleum tile, steel insulation material sandwich panels, glazed tiles and so on. Clay tile, color concrete tile, glass tile, glass fiber magnesium Pova, glass fiber reinforced cement Pova, linoleum tile is mainly used for the sloping roofs of civil buildings, polycarbonate lighting products, color aluminum alloy pressure products, color coated steel pressure products, steel insulation sandwich panels, such as more used in industrial buildings, asbestos water mixed Pova, Steel Wire mesh cement tile is used for simple or temporary construction. Glazed tiles are mainly used in landscape architecture and antique building roofing or wall tile.

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