After cook delicious food, how to clean tile?

Now, so many friend enjoy to cook delicious treat themselves at home, after whole day working . However, looking at the kitchen so dirty, how do you feel like ? Oh My God.!!! 
Here some kitchen cleaning tips.
FAUCET CLEAN. Turn a fresh lemon over the faucet and wipe it a few times .With a watery orange peel, can also play a strong role in decontamination, orange color belt side of the tap stubborn stains, do it so easy!
Wash the glass, fanished there is similar to the hand cup watermark things, feel dirty.How to do? You can try ordinary plastic bags (or bag) crumpled wet, back and forth to wipe the glass, That is good idea.

The top of the refrigerator posted a layer of plastic wrap, after a period of time to change. Is it easy ? LOL

china rustic porcelain floor tile

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