Features of square tile


1. Square tiles originate from the industry's stringent material selection criteria and unique high-temperature slow-burning technology, requiring a water absorption rate of <5%. The proportion of the raw material in the raw material formula accounts for 70%, and the plasticity raw material accounts for about 30%.

2. Whole body brick imitation natural granite or purple sand rock, texture natural texture, simple and thick texture, comprehensive physical performance.

3. Mohs hardness of 8 grade, good wear resistance, high flexural strength.

4. The products are rough and non-slip surface, and the series is rich in variety. Through the flexible and ingenious design of different specifications and colors, it can be used to collage colorful and dissimilar patterns to meet the construction standards of various ground, roof and indoor paving works. Decoration needs.

5. Due to its super wear-resistant, non-slip, and decorative aesthetic properties, it is widely used in leisure plazas, municipal projects, supermarket stores, 4S shops, landscaping, beautiful roofs, garden terraces, and numerous public places. With non-slip, wear-resistant, beautiful, easy repair features. It is an ideal ground and roof decoration material for modern city construction.

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