What is full body porcelain tile

What is full body porcelain tile

Full body porcelain tile is a kind of wearable and non-slip tile. Generally speaking, non-slip floor tiles means full body porcelain tiles. Compared to glazed tile, full body tile is weak at the color. Since the interior room design is trendy to simple color, full body porcelain tiles is becoming a fashion nowadays. 

Full body porcelain tiles are mainly used in lobby,corridor and aisle for decorating the floor, seldom is it used for wall. Most of non-slip floor tiles are full body porcelain tiles. 

Full body is named as is because it is all the same color and material from top to bottom. It is commonly used as floor tiles for its rustic color decoration. Meanwhile, its surface is rough, matte or homogenious, so it can not reflect sunshines a lot, which helps to protect people’s eyes, and low light-pollution to the surrounding environment. 
Fujian Nanway Industrial Co.,Ltd is a factory manufacturing full body porcelain tiles since 2006, its full body porcelain tiles were very popular with buyers all over the world. With low water absorption less than 1%, and for its competitive price, our full body tiles gained a good reputation in the market of West Africa, Europe and Mid-East. 

Web: ceramictilefactory.com

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