How to judge the quality of tiles

How to judge the quality of tiles

First, look at wear resistance, kitchen and toilet, because the use of a higher number of times, so the need to choose the degree of wear-resistant. The average merchant will mark the wear of the tiles on the price tag.


Second, look at the water absorption, kitchen and toilet bricks to choose the low absorption, to determine the height of the ceramic tile absorption rate is very simple, as long as the sample ceramic tile on the back drop a drop, to see if it can quickly absorb, if can absorb quickly, then the water absorption is high, otherwise low.


Third, see hardness, high-quality tiles generally high hardness, toughness, not easy to break. The internal quality of tiles can be examined by knocking debris. Two tiles gently percussion, if the sound of the brick, with some metal sound is very good, the internal quality is very high, hardness, if the sound hoarse, the brick may be hidden cracks, hardness is not high.


Four, look at the work, randomly took out four pieces of specifications of the same tiles, flat to the ground, the smaller the gap between the better, if the tiles must use four pieces to put together a complete pattern, if more flat, the ceramic tile in the work more in line with the norms.

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