Introduction of Ceramic Mosaic

We often see ceramic mosaic in the swimming pool, or in the shower, the ceramic mosaic is the tile on the floor or wall that is divided into many small pieces of tile.


Ceramic mosaic is one of the most traditional mosaic, is known for its exquisite, but it is more monotonous, include lower grade, which can be modified without any modification, keep the rough surface, if the glaze is fired, it will form a smooth surface. General ceramic mosaic, with waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and easy to clean and so on, but its plasticity is not strong, mostly used for exterior walls and kitchen and bathroom.

Ceramic mosaic design is relatively good-looking, and some corners of the processing is also very good, has the function of protection. Its non-slip function is relatively good, so generally used in swimming pools, gymnasiums and other places.

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