Italian Roman roof tile

Specification, 400mm*260mm, Weight: 3000g, per unit area:  13 pieces/square meters.

binoculas roof tile (30)

Body Material: The national use of high-quality shale materials, by 1200 degrees high temperature fired, the volume density of domestic high. Glazed material: The use of high-grade glaze raw materials, the surface color delicate, rich color, smooth surface, and never burst porcelain, never fade and fade.

binoculas roof tile (39)

Advantages: Lighter material, generally lighter than 1/3 of traditional cement tile; high frost resistance, glaze with no cracks, no peeling, no glaze, with a wide range of climate adaptability, high degree of sintering, water absorption rate of 7%, never long moss, the surface lasting smooth as new, two-way fit structure, both have a water tank, has a good waterproof, high acid and alkaline, High temperature color, lasting stability, never fade, fade.

binoculas roof tile (20)

Product ether Row Mountain high-quality shale, quartz, feldspar, etc. as the main raw materials, and has a complete set of fully automatic production lines, multi-channel automatic glazing system, precision temperature-controlled high-temperature tunnel kiln by 1200 degrees high temperature fired, tile hard, high flexural strength, water absorption rate below the national standards, excellent antifreeze performance, crack glaze, the appearance of smooth, bright color, Overall image beautiful and generous.

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