Introduction of paving tile

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Paving tiles belong to a kind of wear-resistant tiles. Mainly used in Leisure plaza, municipal engineering, landscaping, roof aesthetics, garden balcony, shopping malls supermarkets, school hospitals, car 4S shops and other people flow a large number of public places. The paving body’s color is simple, the tile’s surface volume is small, which uses the concave-convex surface form more. With Non-slip, wear-resistant, easy to repair features.

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The main specifications of paving tiles are 100*100mm, 108*108mm, 150*150mm, 190*190mm,100*200mm, 200*200mm, 150*300mm, 150*315mm, 300*300mm, 315*315mm, 315*525mm and other dimensions. The main colors are white, white with black spots, pink, fruit green, spotted green, yellow, spotted yellow, gray, light spots gray, dark spots gray, light blue, dark blue, purple red, purple brown, purple black, black, red brown and so on. Paving tiles are generally divided into three main categories: suitable for the floor of the ordinary paving tile, roofing tiles suitable for the roof, suitable for indoor supermarket tiles. Ordinary paving tile also has the blind tile and stops the tile, generally is yellow, gray and black.

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