The advantages of rustic wooden tiles

porcelain wooden tile
Firstly, the rustic wooden tile is combined with the excellent characteristics of wood flooring and ceramic tiles, which is one of the biggest bright spot of wood tiles. Its surface is a layer of enamel surface, with lifelike wood pattern. It will not be like wooden floors that meet water easily variant, fade, not wear, and so on, but include moisture proof and anti-corrosion, easy to clean, wear-resistant, acid and alkali, green environmental protection, long service life feature, it’s not the same as wood products such as periodic waxing and maintenance.

rustic wooden tile

Secondly, as a kind of antique tile, wood grain tile for matte tile, non-slip performance is good, which is suitable for the elderly, children's families. and wood tile use of a wide range, not only confined to the living room, bedroom, study, staircases of these wood floors commonly used space, can also be used for shops, collection rooms, and even balconies, toilets, kitchens and so on.

In addition, as for the decoration effect, wooden tile is designed into ink-jet, relief, mold or immersion glaze and other technology production of lifelike and vivid imitation of wood patterns, so that products naturally show the classical elegant style effect, creating a particularly comfortable and pleasant living room environment.

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