How is the market of Modern Rustic Tile going to be ?

08 Jan 2018 - rustic tile,tile market

How is the market of Modern Rustic Tile going to be ?

Since last year, many Chinese branded porcelain tile factories are engaged in modern rustic tiles, factories in Guangdong and Fujian province had enlarge their production capacity. However in Shangdong province, Zibo tile factories deduced the production of rustic tile, while Linqi tile factory turn to rustic tile production, at present they have 9 production lines for rustic tile. Among the whole China, more and more factories will focus on modern rustic tile . 
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There is a worry whether the modern rustic tile is really so hot in the market. 

Those factories addicted to modern rustic tile gave the reason that young people love modern rustic tile. Meanwhile, some factories continue the habitual way from normal polished tile to glazed polished tile for its robursting business, without considering the end markets. 
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Actually modern rustic tile is the time evolution of traditional garden rustic tile. No matter which time of the rustic tiles, they are not only tile, but also a taste of life. A good tile enterprise like Jinyitao wins its reputation for its quality customer service and brand maintaining. 
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Modern rustic tile is good product, to produce it, the factory should make good preparation. Enterprise should evaluate the production capacity and sales channel. 

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