A brief introduction to the Spanish tile

spanish roof tile (52)spanish roof tile (48)

It is called the West tile, because its outer body is like the English letter "S", so commonly known as the S-type tile, because it was firstly appeared and popular in Spain and other Western European countries, as it is similar to Chinas glazed tiles, so gradually introduced to Asia's South Korea, Japan, and to be recognized and popular, become a European-style decorative tile. The main function of the shelter from the ordinary tile is to decorate the main function, for villas, small ocean building, pavilions and other buildings roof decoration tiles, it shows decorative effect of classical elegant, unique charm. Tile shape fluctuations, rich in classical European flavor, bedding natural elegance, unique style, which is a variety of high-grade hotels, villas, large commercial centers, municipal engineering, such as the main roofing decoration materials.

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