The function of tactile tile

tactiletactile floor tile

Tactile tile is a road facility for the safety of the blind. Generally by three types of tile paved, one is the bar direction of the Guide tile, guide the blind to move forward, known as the Marching tactile tile, or blind direction of the tile; one is the hint tile with DOT, hint the front of the blind person has the obstacle, the turn, called the hint tactile tile , or blind orientation tile; the last kind is blind danger warning guide tile, the dot is bigger, Don't go beyond the police, the front is dangerous.

tactile (2)tactile floor tile (2)tactile floor tile (3)

Tactile tile Road, in the city's main municipal facilities and the location and entrance of the building, still need to be laid separately, which can inform the location of the facilities of the residual, tile adhesive can make the tactile tile more surface, help the residual to understand the surrounding environment. such as pedestrian walkways, city square entrances, bus shelters, pedestrian footbridges, the entrance and exit of pedestrian tunnels, construction entrances, subway entrances and platform edges, obstacles on the sidewalk, etc. A regular environment and facilities, can make the residual in the blind staff in the corner of the convenient travel, such as the outside side of the sidewalk set edge stone, Tai, wall and other facilities, which is the best way to walk the remnant.

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