How to choose Tile specifications

20 Nov 2017 - tiles design

How to choose Tile specifications


Because the size of 600mm bricks in the unit area is more than the number of tiles in 800mm, therefore, the visual ability to create a sense of expansion of space, at the same time at the end of the paving scrap rate of less than 800mm of bricks, it is suggested that if the area below 30㎡, consider using 600x600; if in 30-40㎡, 600x600 or 800x800 are available, if the 40㎡ above, you can consider the use of 800x800. If you have too much furniture in your room (such as a bedroom), cover a large floor, preferably with 600mm tiles.



But kitchen, Wei and other small area of the room if the use of large-scale floor tiles are unavoidable losses too big, not enough economy, so the kitchen, bathroom and other space should use 300-400mm square non-slip brick, wear-resistant porcelain tiles.


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