Wooden Tile is Good, But Price Is Not Cheap

Wooden Tile is Good, But Price Is Not Cheap 

Home decoration accompanies with you along your whole life. Not only have you to think about beauty, practice and price , but also should you consider daily maintainence in the future. Wooden tile is a kind of premium porcelain tile with wood look pattern on the surface, featured with vivid texture, nature, non-fading and wear-resistance. It is a non-slip, formaldhydeless glazed tile in matte finish. You deserve to have it !

Wooden tile has been used widely in various areas. It is commonly used in hosting hall, bedroom, study room and stair, even more is store, gallery, balcony, bathroom and kitchen.

As one of rustic tiles, wooden tile is mainly in matte finish, which provides a non-slip effect, very suitable for families of old and children. Choosing wooden tile is behavior of family care. 
Wooden tile will never be moldy as it is not real wood material. Porcelain tiles are fired under 1200 degrees, it is very stable, it will not be moldy because of rainy day, or crackled because of dry weather. 

Natural wood flooring might be destroyed if you do not care for it regularly. However, porcelain wooden tile is very easy to be cleared, its life span is about 10 to 20 years, you no need to wax it as the natural wood floor.

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